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American Dust sounds better... Let justice prevail...

I was surprised when my editor recognized that I had been plagiarized by Jeanine Cummins with her commercial novel, American Dust.  She said I should look into it and I jokingly said, "If it starts with a little Mexican boy in the toilet, I'm suing!" I was joking of course.  But there it was.  And what followed were too many similar scenes and frameworks borrowed from my novel.  I was particularly surprised how similar our endings are.  I ended with the critical phrase American Dust, she American Dirt.  Both symbolizing them making it to America. It was funny at first.  Coincidences?  Writing about the Mexican Immigration Experience, a woman and a little boy.  A bloody lip on first encountering the Cartel.  Meeting a handicapped friend the same age.  Bizarrely similar setup for a Post Card scene and a Necklace scene.  17 similar plot situations. I wrote my novel in 2016.  In fact, I published this novel in 2016.  It took me 13 years to complete.  While it has mu

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